Thursday, 27 August 2009

Git resources


Source code / binaries / GUI

Setting up Git server

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Build virtual machine configuration files to use with VMware Player

VMware Player 3.0 can create new virtual machines, but older versions are only running existing virtual machines.


VMX configuration generators

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Updated templates for in ASP.NET MVC RTM


  • Visual Studio 2008 Pro
  • v1.5 (build has very few tests by default, so I have adapted the standard Visual Studio tests generated for ASP.NET MVC web applications. This resulted in two files: AccountControllerTests.cs and HomeControllerTests.cs (the last one is similar with HomeControllerFacts.cs)

The template for ASP.NET MVC unit testing can be found on the following location:

After unpacking the content of the template to a temp folder, we must place the new files in the Controllers folder, and update the content of MvcTemplate.csproj and MyTemplate.vstemplate:
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Setup for unit testing in ASP.NET MVC RTM


  • Visual Studio 2008 Pro
  • v1.5 (build

If you are using a zip file downloaded from the Source Code section of their site, extract it on a temp folder and move the binaries from the Samplesxunit folder to your destination of choice. If you are using the zipped binaries from their downloads page, simply extract them to your desired location.

The next step is running xunit.installer.exe and enabling support for ASP.NET MVC. The result should look like this:


If the installer throws an exception like this one:


then you should create manually the folder specified in the error message (usually the Test folders).
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Friday, 1 May 2009

Schimb de carti - programare

Titlu: Pro ASP.NET 3.5 in C# 2008: Includes Silverlight 2, Third Edition
Autori: Matthew MacDonald, Mario Szpuszta
Editura Apress, 2009, 1520 pagini
Pret: 110 RON
Titlu: Programming Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Applications: Advanced Topics
Autor: Dino Esposito
Editura Microsoft Press, 2006, 800 pagini
Pret: 110 RON
Titlu: Programming ASP.NET 3.5
Autori: Jesse Liberty, Dan Maharry, Dan Hurwitz
Editura O'Reilly Media Inc., 2009, 1166 pagini
Pret: 110 RON
Titlu: Pro C# with .NET 3.0, Special Edition
Autor: Andrew Troelsen
Editura APRESS, 2007, 1250 pagini
Pret: 110 RON
Titlu: Baze de date relationale si aplicatii
Autor: Felicia IONESCU
Editura Tehnica, 2004, 347 pagini
Pret: 20 RON
Titlu: Bazele Visual C++ 4
Autor: Mickey Williams
Editura Teora, 1998, 527 pagini
Pret: 50 RON
Titlu: Visual Basic - Biblioteca programatorului
Autori: Christofer J. Bockmann, Lars Klander, Lingyan Tang
Editura Teora, 1999, 1166 pagini
Pret: 70 RON
Titlu: Biblioteca programatorului VRML
Autori: Kris Jamsa, Phil Schmauder, Nelson Yee
Editura All, 1997, 602 pagini
Pret: 40 RON
Titlu: Borland Pascal 7.0 pentru Windows
Autori: Valentin Cristea, Irina Athanasiu, Eugenia Kalisz, Lorina Negreanu
Editura Teora, 1995, 459 pagini
Pret: 25 RON
Titlu: Turbo Vision - Programarea orientata pe obiecte in Turbo Pascal
Autor: David K. Zoltan
Editura ProMedia Plus, 1995, 183 pagini
Pret: 20 RON

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

SharePoint Designer 2007 Trial Version - or free version

Today was released a new version of SharePoint Designer 2007 - it can be downloaded from Microsoft Download Center, and up to 5 registration keys can be obtained from MSDN Evaluation Center.

Today was released the free version of SharePoint Designer 2007. You can download it from Microsoft Download Center.

The beautiful thing about this release is the activation status: I had it installed on two of my PCs, it never asked for a product key and it seems to be already activated:

Activation status:



Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Since RC2, jQuery was updated from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2, and a bug related to Silverlight was solved.

It is available for download here or here, including the source code.


376595f661c6152a453c3c3a75602d45 *AspNetMVC1.msi
1034fe23da0e8c6b912e5b3fda483326 *
e588133ff9d9f0526b47ab9557ba7f4c *ASP.NET MVC - 1.0 Release Notes.doc

The source code can also be downloaded from CodePlex. A quick tutorial about how to use the source code to debug your application can be found on Steve Sanderson's blog.


4102d8694a4d7202543010d44fef546e *
fd472d121b1162a4d91c3ecd57c35972 *Microsoft.Web.Mvc.dll
929f9ad6574bdccfc2c636df59281348 *
91a2e290a32aba6c128e571360d083e6 *
8edc414ad4c3c961bc9e2903e81ce11f *
dcef1d3e491058593207b432cfbc4f97 *Using the AsyncController.docx

Before ASP.NET MVC installation, it is recommended to install the following updates:

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Cota TVA aplicata la vama pentru cartile comandate de pe

Dupa lupte seculare si destula munca de lamurire, atasez partea esentiala din chitanta primita luna aceasta de la biroul vamal din Constanta, si unde se vede negru pe alb cota de TVA aplicata cartilor importate, mai precis 9%. Pentru cei care se lupta cu functionari vamali mai incapatanati pot trimite pe mail mai multe detalii.


Thursday, 5 March 2009

Sharepoint 2007 alerts in Outlook 2007

The alerts from Sharepoint 2007 are simply unreadable in Outlook 2007 (RTM or SP1) configured to connect to an Exchange 2003 server.

One workaround was disabling the cached Exchange mode in the mail account properties (not recommended for mobile users).

One other solution involved some Exchange 2003 patches (depending on the mood of the Exchange admins).

The simplest solution is to install the Outlook 2007 February 2009 Cumulative Update ( The KB article does not mention anything about Sharepoint alerts, but it just works.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

About Turbo Delphi

I used to love coding in Delphi, but:

  • the only free version of Delphi is Turbo Delphi Explorer 2006, which:
    • is a bit old
    • requires .NET Framework 1.x, in despite of the fact that it can be made independent of any version of .NET Framework (with some limitions in the capabilities of the IDE) or can work just fine with .NET Framework 2.0+
    • it seems to be treated as a bad idea which should not be allowed to exist anymore
  • the competition has:
    • free up-to-date versions (Visual Studio 2008 Express editions)
    • 90 days trials (not 14 or 30 days like Delphi)
    • much lower prices: Turbo Delphi Professional 2006 is the least expensive, includes only one language but is more expensive than Visual Studio 2008 Standard which includes 4
  • Delphi 8 was unusable, Delphi 2005 wasn't worth his price, Delphi 2006 managed to be allmost ok and after that I switched to C#

IMHO, the marketing managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Unless they decide to offer free upgrade to Delphi 2009 for all the customers of Delphi 8 or greater, in which case it might regain it's user base.